2014 Venice Gondola Ride

“Venice 2014”- Gondola Ride

One of my favorite things to do when I was walking around Venice was to stop and take a bit of video of the Gondolas moving through the canals. Occasionally, I would catch a Gondola with a musician and/or a singer on it! Those were my favorites! I was in Venice in the middle of May and the canals were already crowded! When I met up with my friends who live in Venice, the wife and one of her daughters wanted to share a Gondola ride with me. Since she spoken fluent Italian, she brokered a fabulous deal which included a nice long ride. I didn’t want to be too much of a tourist, so I only recorded a few short bits of the ride with my cell phone. Anyway, I put them all together for you, so you too can experience a Gondola ride in Venice. I will add it to the completed Webpage on my 2014 trip to Venice which will be coming out soon. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy it!

Mark Dong Photography 2010