The Vaporetto

“The Vaporetto"- A Ride Through The Grand Canal

I took a great deal of video as I rode through Venice on the“Vaporetto.” The Vaporetto is a water taxi that moves through the Grand Canal. There are many stops for this water taxi which will leave you in any part of Venice you desire. I took this video for my wife, who wanted to try to experience Venice through my adventures there. She never made it to Venice when she came to Italy. For her, and for those of you, like her, who have never been to Venice, I thought it would be fun to give you the experience of traveling through the Grand Canal, and so, compiled this video. It is quite long by my previous BLOG standards - about 12 & 1/2 minutes. It has no added music track to alter the experience: just the sights and sounds of the Grand Canal - the sound of the wind, occasional voices, the slight hint of the sound of moving through water, and the engine of the Vaporetto itself. It feels more real that way. I hope you enjoy it!

Mark Dong Photography 2010